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Our experts provide all types of ultrasound and prenatal diagnostics, detailed consultation resulted in ultrasound and biochemical screening and all types of pregnancy tests. In our center you can get consultation by geneticist, obstetrician, gynecologist, and urologist.

We cooperate with authoritative medical and public organizations in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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3D УЗИ при беременности

Some fetal Images taken in our Centere

2D 12 недель 
I trimester
2D 12 weeks

2D 20 недель
II trimester
2D 20 weeks

Лицо плода в 3-х проекциях в режиме 2D и его трехмерная (3D) реконструкция
III trimester
Fetal face in 3 Dimensins in 2D mode and its 3D reconstruction