Ultrasound scan procedures

Ultrasound examination allows not only to determine the pregnancy but also to observe the growth and development of the fetus. Ultrasound examination is the only method that can help us to find out malformations of the fetus. Examination allows to reveal missed miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, ascertain cause of blood discharge, suspect presence of chromosomal pathology (ex. Down's syndrome).

Safety of ultrasonic examination is confirmed by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. Researches proved that ultrasonic waves have no bad influence on pregnancy and doesn’t lead to any changes in tissues and cells of mammals. Using this method for more than 30 years scientist didn’t find any signs of complications connected with using this type of equipment.

3D УЗИ при беременности

Ultrasound examination is well spread in clinical practice, but still lot of Centres and specialists don’t have enough qualification to perform ultrasound scan. We give you all clinically relevant information about ultrasound diagnosis at any stage of pregnancy