Invasive tests

If any marker of fetal chromosomal disease was found during the ultrasound that still doesn’t mean that fetus has any chromosomal abnormality and it’s necessary to terminate the pregnancy. To all women who have been found to have markers of fetal chromosomal abnormality we offer the invasive prenatal diagnostic test – chorionic villus sampling/placenta biopsy for the purpose of taking cells of fetus for the detailed microscopic investigation.

Chorionic villus sampling – is the procedure of taking several thin villis from the fetal chorion under the ultrasound guidance and then counting the number of chromosomes in its cells. Chorion is one of the fetal organs that will later transform into placenta. Its cells are identical with fetal cells. If the number and structure of chorionic cells chromosomes are normal then chromosomal diseases are excluded.

A fine niddle passes through the mother’s abdomen, achieves the chorion and takes a sample of villi. The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure with the use of sterile needles and disposable medical gloves so the risk of infection is almost impossible.

Any procedure, even simple blood test, has a risk of complications and chorionic villus sampling might have a risk of abortion. But in case if procedure was made according to the rules this risk won’t exceed more than 1%. So this procedure has to be done in case of high risk of fetal chromosomal abnormality. Today there is no other method that allows to receive fetal cells for the test without intrauterine intervention. At the same time, test of fetal cells that was taken with the intrauterine intervention is the only way to exclude or confirm Down’s syndrome or any other chromosomal abnormality. 

Chorionic villus sampling can be done at 10-14 weeks of pregnancy. After that time chorionic will transform into placenta and then placenta biopsy should be performed. Placenta biopsy has almost the same technique and risks as chorionic villus sampling does.

We hope this information will help You to understand why we provide this tests and conquer the natural fear of this procedure.

In our center you can have an invasive test of chromosomal diseases and can get an answer in 3-4 days (in some cases in 24 hours)