Gynecologist's room in the Centre of fetal medicine offers:

Laser therapy of acute, subacute, and chronic diseases of the female genital organs (including the prevention of exacerbations of chronic inflammatory processes, rehabilitation after surgeries, treatment of adhesive disease) is an effective, painless method of treatment, calculated on a course of 10-12 procedures performed daily or every other day.

Colposcopy is a painless, informative way to clarify the status of the cervix and external genitalia without any contraindications.

Radiosurgical treatment of the cervix (ectopy, cysts, polyps, endometriosis), external genital warts, cysts of the Bartholin gland. This is the most effective and least traumatic method of treatment which is performed under local anesthesia in the light of the operation being performed, and individual sensitivity.

A biopsy of the cervix performed by radio wave, which eliminates the bleeding after the procedure, and allows the doctor to assess the state of the cervix and to determine the volume of the upcoming treatment

Endometrial biopsy is performed with a flexible plastic probe that does not require expansion of the cervical canal, and represents the amount of material needed for research.

Installation of the IUD "Mirena" is performed after preliminary examination and the necessary individual preparations. The choice of anesthesia is also individual.

Vaginal cleansing when a patient has acute and chronic cervicitis and colpitis is performed taking into account the sensitivity of selected microorganisms to antibiotics. Laser therapy may be supplemented.

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