Fetal Medicine centre

Our Centre is a centre of prenatal diagnostic of the expert level. We provide care for pregnant womеn all types of ultrasound diagnostic, invasive tests  for chromosomal and genetic fetal diseases, biochemical screening for Down syndrome, genetic counseling and other. Our doctors are highly experienced in prenatal diagnosis and are recognized by professional societies of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology in Saint Petersburg and Russian Federation.

We are glad to see you at our centre at the 14-th Line Vasilevsky Island, 7. With the opening of the centre unique advanced procedures in the diagnosis of the fetus that had had no place in St. Petersburg before appeared.
We provide

  • all kinds of ultrasound in pregnancy - diagnosis of fetal malformations at the expert level (2D, 3D, 4D) recording onto DVD and with pictures of the fetus. 3D/4D vaginal and abdominal probes  are used.
  • echocardiography (examination of the heart) of the fetus
  • combined ultrasound and biochemical screening for Down syndrome at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy during 1 hour.
  • invasive prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal diseases (chorionic villus sampling, placenta sampling, cordocentesis).
  • expert counseling  in difficult situations
  • consultation of geneticist, gynecologist, urologist
  • medical termination of pregnancy to 7 weeks of pregnancy
  • education and training of doctors of prenatal diagnosis.